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About Us

The Karim Project was started in 2019 to honor the memory of Karim Taylor by his parents, Karissa and Angelo.

"As a parent, losing a child is something you don't ever think about or ever think is going to happen to you. When Karim died I went to see him every week. I needed to talk to him, I longed to be close to him, and it took me over a year and a half to get Karim a headstone. I finally just bought it with my tax return. Karim's memorial was about $1,600, but as I visited him I walked passed these headstones dating back to 1996 and my heart broke for them. How could these people forget thier babies?

We started brainstorming ideas about how to fixing it, and decided we could raise funds and offer to pay for memorials for the families of infants that couldn't afford them.  We called Cedar Memorial where Karim is buried and they told us it was a great idea, but they couldn't do anything to help us until we were a recognized 501c3. So here we are years later, after a lot of paperwork, and we have a nonprofit." - Kariss Taylor, Founder, The Karim Project